Friday, July 3, 2015

Paper Circuitry Presentations - Call for Collaborators!

I would like to put it out there: I am planning to present Paper Circuitry at AFLA and ASTE.

For the AFLA conference I was thinking about collaborating with SeƱora Glenn since we are both foreign language teachers.
For the ASTE conference I was thinking that it would be very powerful preparing a full day hands-on session with teachers of various subjects and different grade levels for showing cross-curricula hands-on project-based learning.
Lindsey, Ryia, Amanda, Andrea, Nicole, I was thinking of you for sure and whoever else would like to join in would be great!

The outline of the presentations at the 2 conferences will be part of my project of implementation, however I understand that it will be subject to further work in the next months depending who will be collaborating in this project.
I will be back to AK on the 19th of July and after that date I would love to "hang-out" for collaborating on these projects.
I am so excited about it, and I hope we could get a "dream-team" going! :)


  1. Yes Emanuela! A goal I always have (and have struggled with) is getting kids to speak in the target language. Getting kids willing to try new sounds out and make mistakes to improve their language ability is a primary goal I have this year. I am going to email you to see what we can do with paper circuitry to make that happen. I loved your drawing of the path in the woods to get kids to tell their stories. Maybe each light could be a piece of their story (learning target). I'm going to email you.

  2. Lindsey,
    I have in mind a couple of tools that could help you working on this task, I have used them in my courses and they have been quite successful.
    Voicethread, GoAnimate, and Ibook Creator on Ipads.
    The paper circuitry can help but not having a specific voice recognition, but only a general sound recognition would not be the best tool for working on this practice.
    I will be very happy to show you come examples of these tools used with students.