Saturday, July 16, 2016

From Ideas to Planning... Reality Check!

I get very excited with new ideas and I start thinking of the many way I can share hat I am learning with my students, however there is a point that I find always very difficult, however very important and needed... the reality check of making a plan!

There are 2 different ideas that I would like to implement, the first is a short term plan, while the second is a longer term plan.

1. Integrating paper circuitry as a creative element in a world language course.
When is time for planning the implementation I like to start small, working with a small number of students, which helps in managing and reviewing the plan as it evolves. My smallest class next year will be a second year of Italian.
With this class I am planning to have students work on a notebook for a weekly creative writing in the target language.
Once a month they should create a short story in the target language and this story should be illustrated and over-layered with Paper Circuitry. During the first semester I would use Paper Circuitry without any addition of coding. During the second semester I would like to introduce the coding and offer them the option of a final project with creative writing/speaking illustrated by the graphic and Paper Circuitry with or without animation (with Arduino coding).
I want to leave this as an option because I want students to enjoy this activity and not seeing it as an imposition and despise it.

The World Language AK standards are so general that I could find a few standards I could tie to this activity. However what I am looking more closely are the ISTE standards that I think are very important for 21st century students.
1- Creativity and Innovation
4- Critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making.

2. Create a CTE Paper Circuitry/Arduino coding course for high school students.
This course could be delivered either online, or in a traditional classroom, or using a blended format.
In my school district at this time there are not coding courses offered to students and our district office is looking into adding this type of courses. There is the need for it and this is a good thing! :)
I have discussed this idea with Jeannine Huffman, David Cole, Nicole Fuerst, and Dr. Lee Grahm, and I am looking forward to collaborating with all of these amazing individuals for creating this course.

I am really excited about the second idea because this is what would finally get the attention of my school district to the Paper Circuitry activities and all the potentials they have to offer.

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  1. Hi Emanuela,

    I like that you're looking to include ISTE standards with your project. I was just talking with a group of educators about how we seem to be, as a general education society, glazing over both what they are and their staggering importance. I would love to see more teachers of all content areas including ISTE standards thoughtfully throughout their lessons.